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A thing of Beauty

Our key engine preparation specialist has 35+ years of experience with performance and race engines. He has designed, built and prepped engines for, Tarmac Rally, Circuit Racing, Drag Racing, Gravel Rally, Marine Inboards, Performance Road and Standard Road applications. V8 design and rebuild is the cornerstone of GT Automotive.​

Not all components are created for the same task. Certain types of pistons, connecting rods and valve-train components are designed solely for racing. We can source a wide range of parts specifically for their intended use and can help you choose the correct parts to suit the level of performance you require and will keep in line with your budget.

​There are often major differences in designing race engines, compared to performance road engines. Because of his extensive experience, he understands the relationship between all the major components to achieve your required goal.

While your vehicle is at our premises we provide safe and secure storage with a monitored alarm and CCTV cameras on site.

If you have a special request or are interested in a performance built or race engine, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information. V8 design and rebuild is a speciality service at GT Automotive.

Graeme has a natural affinity for tuning and servicing V8 vehicles. You can trust GT Automotive to get you the best results if you are looking at increasing the performance of your V8. If you require the services of a V8 expert to provide any of our services, then call us or pop in to have a chat.

V8 design and rebuild at GT Automotive in Papakura

V8 Services

  • Classic car and engine repairs

  • Diagnosing engine condition

  • Internal design, preparation and assembly

  • Engine overhauls

  • Tuning

  • Enhance engine performance

  • Trans Rebuild

  • Brake upgrades

  • Engine Transplant

Graeme has taken a car that was constantly having issues (lots of time spent on the side of the road) to a car that purrs (well growls – did I mention that Graeme is a V8 tuning whiz?)

We were struggling to find a garage that would give us decent service for our ’76 Statesman Caprice. My wife suggested we take it to Graham at GT Automotive. On meeting Graeme and discussing the issues we were having I was impressed with Graeme's’ immediate grasp of what needed doing.

Got Graeme to build me a 355 holden engine. He stripped my 308 down and bored it to 335. He put in Scat rods, Forged pistons & Molly rings, Comp cam springs & retainers. Ported 308 big valve heads, Scorpion roller rockers, Fully blueprinted& balanced.400+hp. There are a lot of good mechanics out there and Graeme North is one, and a very likeable guy.

Thanks GT automotive for the work you put into getting my 70 Corvette ready for compliance and running right. The work done was first class, I would have no hesitation in bringing my other performance vehicles to have work done, thanks once again Graeme.

we stock and supply gripmax classic and whitewall tyres

Looking for some Classic, or White Wall Tyres for your classic vehicle or v8

We are stockists and suppliers of the Gripmax range of White Wall and Classic tyres. Complete that project car with some classic rubber from GT Automotive.

The Gripmax Brand established itself as an advanced product that meets the needs of people worldwide with the number of vehicles that utilize the Gripmax Brand being in the hundreds of thousands. Gripmax tyres are unique in their design and construction, they are constructed with the best material, utilizing the best technology and process.

215/50R 13 Status Pro 330
205/75R 14 Status Radial
235/60R 14 Classic Radial
245/60R 14 Classic Radial
155/80R 15 Classic Grip
205/70R 15 Status Radial
215/70R 15 Status Radial
225/70R 15 Classic Radial G/T
225/75R 15 Classic Radial G/T
235/60R 15 Classic Radial
Status Pro 330 tyres in papakura

Gripmax Status Pro 330

Gripmax Status Radial Tyres in papakura

Gripmax Status Radial

Gropmax Classic Radial Tyres

Gripmax Classic Radial

Gripmax Status Radial Tyres in PapakuraPapakura

Gripmax Status Radial

Gripmax Classic Radial GT Tyres in Papakura

Gripmax Classic Radial G/T