Affordable Vehicle Servicing in Papakura

GT Automotive are committed to providing friendly, straight forward and honest automotive servicing in Papakura.

Our highly experienced and qualified mechanics can service any make & model car and light truck.


Not only do we provide local established automotive servicing in Papakura but we can do any other mechanical repairs, and have the latest high tech equipment to cover all aspects of servicing or maintenance your vehicle may require. We have a mobile auto electrician who will come to our premises to cover any electrical work or Air-con regassing if needed.


We are an approved MTA member which means that we can service new cars in accordance with the manufacturers' requirements and maintain its warranty.


This means you have the flexibility to service your new car locally without the hassle of taking it back to the dealers you brought it from. We can service any other mechanical warranty and fill out the details in your Log Book.


We advise having your vehicle regularly serviced as it ensures your vehicle is reliable, always running at its best, and more importantly safe.


Missing a service may save you money now but by Changing your oil and filter regularly with good quality oil that is recommended by the manufacturer, not only is it going to benefit your car in the long run, but it could save you costly repairs.


Safety is high on our list and now that WOFs can stretch out to 3 years we feel it's important to get your car checked regularly to ensure it is safe to drive for you and your loved ones.


We understand that budgeting for car maintenance can be a low priority for you so we do provide GenoaPAY and LAYBUY to help split those payments up for you. We also are a WINZ provider.


If you are looking for quality vehicle servicing in Papakura, then call us now on 09 299 9706 or pop in and say hello. We love meeting new people.