Wheel Alignments in Papakura

If you are looking for professional wheel alignments in Papakura then stop looking now and give us a call. 

At GT Automotive, we have experienced wheel alignment technicians trained by a professional in the business for over 20 years.


We have a top of the range Wheel Alignment machine in our workshop on Hunua Road Papakura.

Are you looking for a wheel alignment in Papakura for your Classic car or V8? GT Automotive specialises in Classic Cars and V8s.


When do you need a wheel alignment?

  • Does your suspension seem shaky?

  • Is your car pulling to one side whilst driving or does your steering wheel not return to centre when you are parked?

  • Have you hit a pothole lately and your car just doesn’t feel like its driving the same?

  • Are your Tyres wearing unevenly or your steering feels unusually heavy?

  • Have you had any suspension work done on your vehicle lately?

  • Have you had an accident and had your vehicle repaired?

  • Have you purchased new Tyres?


All of these are reasons why our staff at GT Automotive would recommend a wheel alignment in Papakura done at our workshop.


The benefits to you

  • You will experience better fuel economy

  • Your cars handling, particularly on cornering will improve

  • You will prevent uneven and premature tyre wear.

  • You will save money.

  • We recommend that you book a regular wheel alignment every 12 months or 10,000km whichever comes first.

  • By booking a regular Wheel alignment in Papakura you will ensure even wear of your tyres and improved safety and performance while you are on the road.

So give us a call now on 09 299 9706 and make a booking with our friendly staff.